Supply Box Gold Set


Version 1.3.1 is available in this August 23rd, 2017.

On this update, we will add new guns and costume that most players like to provide and fixes minor bugs to increase players gaming experience.

Do not forget to try to open the supply box for the chance to get one of these guns forever.

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We are at Sabay is trying our best to optimizing the graphics and game play experience and keeping it up to date. So keep your feedback coming!



Recharge from this 23rd August to 19th September to get these gifts.

  • Recharge 10 Cash to receive 30 days “Namecard
  • Recharge 30 Cash to receive 5 pieces of “ID Identify Card
  • Recharge 50 Cash to receive 30 days of “VIP
  • Recharge 80 Cash to receive 15 days of  ”Automatic Loading Device
  • Recharge 100 Cash to receive 15 days of “Assault FAMAS
  • Recharge 150 Cash to receive 15 days of “Assault FNFAL
  • Recharge 200 Cash to receive 30 days of “Carnival Kelly(F/M)
  • Recharge 300 Cash to receive 30 days of “Scorching P90” and “Zombie Eyes of Death
  • Recharge 500 Cash to receive 30 days of “Supreme Frost SMG” and “Eagle HK416
  • Recharge 800 Cash to receive 45 days of “Scorching Barret M82” and “Supreme-P90
  • Recharge 1000 Cash to receive 60 days of “AR-Armageddon” and “Razer Vector



New Weapons in this 1.3.1 Version

  • Razer MP4A1
  • Scorching M4A1
  • Dragon M4A1
  • AWP



New Suits



Free Login Gifts

Login on 23rd August to receive these items for free:

  • Barret M82……………..7 Days
  • Razer MP5F…………….7 Days
  • Student’s Wear (Male/Female)…………15 Days
  • Plasma Core……………20 Pieces