New PVE Map  Update !!!


Version 1.4.3  ,will be available in this  August 29h, 2018

Are You Ready for the New Experience With FireStorm

On this Update We Will Add New PVP Package , ​ PVE Map and Discount 20% for all of Cloth  :










Recharge from this 29th August 2018 to 19th September 2018 to get these gifts :

10 sc Nuclear Storm(Namecard) 30d/1pcs
30 sc ID identification card 5 pcs
50 sc VIP Card 30d/1 pcs
80 sc Extra Magazine 15 Days
100 sc Siomai Grenade 15 days
150 sc Mobile Grenade Pack
Movement Device-General
15 Days
200 sc First Blood (F)
First Blood (M)
15 Days
300 sc Dancer(F)
30 days
500sc Bat Men (Male)
Bat Women (Female)
30 days
800sc Starry Sky M82
Thunder Striker
30 Days
1000 sc Rail-Bow
Super-eternal flame cold
30 days



Free Login Gifts

Login on this 29th August 2018 to receive these items for free :

Zombie MP5 7 days
Rick n Roll 7 days
Health Device II 7 days
Plasma Core 20pcs




Free Maintenance Gifts

The Maintenance gift  on this 19th September 2018  :

Assault XM8 7 days
Mobile Grenande Pack 7 days
Shrapnel Filter II 7 days
Plasma Core 20pcs



Article posted date: 28th August 2018

GM Leang