Jungle Ruin & Lost City

Firestorm2 will be updated to new version 1.2.8 on this June 21st 2017. On this new updated, we will provide double fun to all players due to this time we will updated 2 new maps at once and 2 old maps but with new demolition mode that request by players. In PVE Mode, we adding new map ”Lost City” in Biochemical Crisis, .In PVP Mode, we adding a new “Jungle Ruin” in Team Deathmatch and Demolition mode have add 2 new maps “The Town” and  ”Line 10 These new maps will bring new experience and more fun to all players. In the mall, we are adding three new weapons and new suits. Therefore, this new version gonna take all players to new level of excitement.



  • New PVE Map, adding new map Lost Cityin Biochemical Crisis.  New PVP Map, “Jungle Ruin” in Team Deathmatch  Demolition mode have add 2 new maps “The Town” and  ”Line 10“.



  • Recharge from this 21st June to 12th July get theses free gift​.




  • New Weapons in this 1.2.8 Version



  • New Suits



  • New Drone Mod



  • Free Login Gifts