Basic Training

After successfully registered FireStorm Account, now you can easily play this service by following these steps below:
  • Open FireStorm client => Insert your account username and password


  • Click on “Create Character” button to create your character


  • Names the character and wears them some equipments




  After wearing the character some equipments, select on “Create” button to use the character as your hero. Then the system will bring you to the Channel Selection. After selecting a Channel (PVP or PVP), you will see the introduction and tutorial of FireStorm Game and you need to follow those tutorials first before going to training mode:  


  Shortcut Key for FireStorm:  

Untitled-1 copy


 Untitled-២ copy

  After reading some introduction of FireStorm game, now you can click on “Begin Training” button to start your training with this game. Training Video (Part I):  
Training Video (Part II):