• PVP Channel : Compete against other real players
  • PVE Channel Join up with other mercenaries to take down Epic Bosses.
  • ​ Here, you can choose which sub-channel you would like to join. [Channel Status] informs you on how many players are in each sub-channel.
  • Details: Character Info: here you can change your Avatar, Name Card and Information. You can also review your Mission Progress, Status, Achievements and Medals.
  • Personal Summary: Here you can review your remaining cash, incoming mail and mission.
  • Navigation Bar: : Here you will be able to access key game features
  • Game Navigation: Here you can change your System Settings, Game Channel or Exit.
  • War Zone - Room: Here you can see all of the active room information including Status, Map, Mode and number of Players.
  • War Zone - Tutorial: : Learn about the core gameplay elements in FireStorm. This is highly
  • War Zone - Auto Match Making: : Auto Match Making allows you to quickly find games. You can set game filters to join specific mode types
  • War Zone - Create Room: If you are having trouble finding the game mode you would like to play, you can create your own room
  •  Garage - Loadouts: Here you can customize your character and weapons. You can switch between loadouts before game or while respawning by pressing F1-F4.
  • Garage - Weapon Selection: Select your weapon slot and select “Equip” on the weapon you wish to use. Select “Remove” to remove an item from your laodout
  •  Garage - Gear: There are two different types of armor that after your character’s appearance, [Costumes] and [Gear]. Only [Gear] has status that will affect your character’s status.
  • Garage - Gear Select: Select your Gear slot and select “Equip” on the item you wish to use. Select “Remove” to remove an item from your laodout
  •  Garage - Mods: Here you will be able to see all of your upgradable Weapons​
  • Garage - Weapon Select:  Here you will be able to select your weapons. Mouse over a weapon to see its status.
  •  Garage - Weapon Mods: Select the mod you would like to equip. Not all weapon and slots are modable.
  • Engineering Bay - Black Market: The Black Market is has everything you could possibly need to become the world’s most deadly mercenary.
  • Engineering Bay - Item Information: Mouse over any of the items for detached information. For most items you can select a duration and you would like to send it as a gift