Dear beloved Firestorm2 soldiers, brothers & sisters

  • We are sad to announce we will be closing Firestorm2 server next month January 31st 2019 @5pm local time. 
  • The current update is the last update, we will not perform any more version update from now until server close date.
  • The top up channel at mysabay will stay active until January 15th 2019. However, we do not encourage you to buy items with long duration lasting over server close date, and no refund will be given.
  • we will give out maintenance gifts and promo codes this month (December) as usual and some log in gifts during Christmas and new year. So please check FB for announcement if you’re still actively playing.
  • GM Ny will host “play with me ” sessions on official facebook page this month, and we hope to see you join.

Thank you to all brothers & sisters (lovers of Firstorm) all over South East Asia who have been supporting this game. We share great memories with you.

Check out our sisters games below:
King of cards: & available on App stores. 

Firestorm Admin team

Article posted date: 14th December  2018

​GM Leang